# Getting started

Depending on the solution you need, follow the links below to get started.

# Proximity measurement set-up

Follow this guide if you want to create a smart mesh between tags. In this mesh we can track the distances between tags, exchange messages (e.g. about distance breach events) and collect sensor data.

With this solutions we don't know the exact XY(Z) position of tags. We only know relative distances. We can hover know the approximate whereabouts of the tags by knowing which gateway they're closest to ("zone tracking").

# Full positioning set-up

If instead you also need to know the position of your objects, you'll need a Positioning system. This set-up involves anchors that are installed around the field of interest. The precise positions of these anchors are fixed and need to be known.

Our ultra-wideband position tracking system is focused towards high-performance: highly accurate positions measured at a high frequency in time (though the time frequency can be configured).

Last Updated: 1/12/2021, 5:16:54 PM