# System Guide

This page contains a list of guides that will help you to more fully understand and use the RTLOC software for position tracking.

You can use our RTLOC app to manage the different software tools from your desktop. Click here for the latest version (windows).

At RTLOC, we ❤️ extreme performance. That's why around the heart of our product, we built the blazing-fast PC Engine (cxRTLS) application. This application can be used to configure, manage and analyze the RTLS system into the smallest detail.

On top of the desktop app, we also offer a complete web-based portal. This allows to have all your data available on any modern device.

More details:

  • Desktop app - Central RTLOC app for desktop.
  • Engine app (Windows) - Configure, manage and analyze the RTLS system.
  • Web app - View your RTLS data anywhere, from within the browser.
  • Mobile app - Proximity ranging only - Configure devices, collect and send distancing breach events.
  • Embedded Hardware - Interface with our hardware and more.
Last Updated: 2/27/2022, 7:16:08 PM