# Getting started

In order to start tracking, you will need hardware nodes such as anchors and tags. You can purchase them from us or even from other vendors. We support a range of hardware, including Decawave's DWM1001 based boards. Before we can get started, you need to know which setup type you need. For full positioning performance, our Professional / full setup is used. This is the typical RTLS deployment scenario.

Even without any hardware you can check out our API. You can do this in the RTManager app by setting up a replay.

Our full RTLS system features very accurate position tracking as well as efficient communication over UWB. It features extensive APIs to interact with all data.


For a simple online demo of how to use this data in your app, check out https://app.rtloc.com using the demo account.


If you want to learn more on the technology behind our Real-Time Location System (RTLS) products, please refer to this page (opens new window) first.

Last Updated: 6/2/2021, 1:50:09 PM