# APIs

There are different ways to integrate with the RTLOC system, depending on your needs.

# Real-time device data

The position and sensor data for each device can be accessed in real-time in the following ways:

  • Local JSON over MQTT:

    • Easy to understand, easy to integrate JSON format
    • Pub/sub per topic type because of MQTT
    • Most-complete API with zone information, events
    • Access data over websocket from a browser (MQTT over websocket) or over TCP (MQTT over TCP) in a script or program
  • Cloud JSON over MQTT: Use your own broker to receive the above data

  • Binary over TCP:

    • Compact format, requiring some more decoding effort
    • Includes raw data direct from the engine, no zone/event/race data

# Meta data

  • Single device (tag / anchor) information can be read through the CLI or via Bluetooth (BLE).
    • BLE API - Make a wireless connection with one of the tags with our BLE interface.
    • Device CLI - Access the RTLS hardware (anchors and tags) via one of the interfaces.

# Custom firmware toolkit

  • If you want to go low-level build your own firmware and run it next to ours using our firmware library
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