# Getting started

# Introduction

The Distance Tracking System is a variation of a Mobile Ad-hoc Network or MANET. It allows you to measure distances between different tags that have joined an ad-hoc network. The tags join the ad-hoc network and immediately start ranging. This means no infrastructure is needed and the whole administration and regulation of the network is done automagically.

Note: in a Distance Tracking system there are no anchors, and no positions are calculated, just distances!


# Necessary equipment

Before you get started, make sure you have the following hardware:

# Ultra-wideband devices


# Power supplies

Power banks or (LiPo) batteries can be used.


# Optional: gateway

The gateway device will allow a connection with our PC software described below.

# Software set-up

If you have a gateway, you can connect to our Ranger program to:

  • export data to the PC program
  • allow debugging of the active devices
  • allow over-the-air (OTA) over UWB updates of all device firmwares

You can conveniently install the Ranger app via our central Hub application (Windows), downloadable via https://cloud.rtloc.com/download.

# Connecting devices

Start by powering your devices (battery or mains), and connect one or more gateways to your LAN. You should see the gateway, or "listener" appear in the visualization screen:


# Updating firmware

A tag or gateway might have not have the most recent firmware. In that case you best update the firmware for the device by re-flashing it over USB.


# Accessing data

Check out the "gateway to desktop" API description.

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