# Terminology

# General

RTLS - Real-time location system.

Positioning - Calculate the positions of (moving) tags.

# RTLOC terminology

Client - A company or organization owning a license.

Project - A client can have multiple RTLS projects. These are different setups at different locations that can run simultaneously.

# Technology

Some more information on the different technologies we harness. Click here for a full comparison.

UWB - Ultra-wide band. A wireless technology that uses a wide spectrum of frequency bands to transmit large amounts of data over a short distance with very low power. All nodes are equipped with UWB. It is used for ranging and communication purposes.

RFID - Radio-frequency identification.

BT - Bluetooth.

BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy. All tags are by default equipped with a BLE chip for short range communication.

ENET - Ethernet. All anchors and listeners are by default equipped with ethernet.

Lora - Long Range digital wireless data communication technology.

# RTLS System

Node - One of the elements of the RTLS system. Could be an anchor, tag or listener.

Anchor - A reference node in the RTLS. Comparable with the satellites for GPS.

Tag - A node that is tracked.

Listener - A node that only listens to data in the air and forwards that data to a PC.

Autopositioning - Calculation / estimation of the positions of the anchors by the system, as opposed to manually submitting accurate coordinates. This will provide less accurate position data than submitting accurate coordinates.

Backhaul - Way of transporting data within the system. Can be wired of wireless.

RTManager / cxRTLS - Powerful RTLS engine & UWB debugging app

Engine / cxEngine - Algorithm implementation, calculates positions from distances

Viewer / cxViewer - (3D) Position viewer

API - Application Protocol Interface. Chout out our RTLS API.

Task -

Console - The console through which you can directly communicate with one of the nodes. This node can be attached via UART, USB or Ethernet. Click here for more information.

HW - Hardware

SW - Software

FW - Firmware

Hz - Hertz. The derived unit of frequency [1/s].

Hairs - UWB message visual indications in our sniffer

TagSpeed - Part of the UWB configuration, containing

MANET - Mobile Adhoc Network.

# Sensors

  • Accelerometer - Measures acceleration forces. These forces may be static (such as gravity) or dynamic.

  • Gyroscope - Measures angular velocity.

  • Magnetometer - Measures magnetic fields.

# Other Technology

IP66 - International Protection Marking. Rating of our enclosures. Dust- and waterproof. More information here.

Enclosure - The casing of the node

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